Office of Research Assurances

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)


In order to maintain safe conditions and regulatory compliance in research areas work with any of the following biological materials must be registered with the IBC
  • Recombinant DNA (rDNA)
  • Genetically modified organisms. Including, but not limited to:
    • Animals, plants, invertebrates, and/or other organisms created by WSU employees or in/on WSU property,
    • Transgenic field trials, any genetically modified organisms to be introduced into the environment, including planting of deregulated items in the field (by WSU personnel and/or on WSU property),
    • Field testing of plants engineered to produce pharmaceutical and industrial compounds,
  • Any organisms, or agents requiring federal permits (including but not limited to, APHIS, CDC, EPA, FDA),
  • Pathogens/infectious agents (human, animal, plant, and other),
  • Select/Biological Agents and Toxins (CDC and USDA). Please note that possession, use, or transfer of Select/Biological Agents and Toxins entails additional requirements contact the Office of Research Assurances for additional information,
  • Human & non-human primate cells (including all cell lines), tissue, blood and potentially infectious fluids.
  • Work with animals or vectors known or suspected to be reservoirs of RG2 or RG3 infectious agents when such work increases potential exposure risks to personnel or other animals,
  • Oncogenic viruses used in conjunction with animals
  • Experiments using human or animal pathogen (classed and listed in guidelines) as host-vector systems.
  • Experiments in which DNA from human or animal pathogens (see NIG Guidelines for a list) is cloned in nonpathogenic prokaryotic or lower eukaryotic host-vector systems.
  • Experiments involving the use of infectious animal or plant DNA or RNA viruses of the defective animal or plant DNA or RNA viruses in the presence of helper virus in tissue culture systems.
  • Recombinant DNA experiments involving whole animals or plants.

If any of the previous conditions apply a BAF must be completed and submitted to the IBC prior to initiating the research.

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