Office of Research Assurances


Plant Regulating Entities

  2. EPA:
  3. FDA: Bioresearch monitoring
  4. NIH guidelines for research involving Recombinant DNA Molecules:
  5. WSU IBC Manual:
  6. WSU OGRD Memo #13:
  7. Plant Containment Guidelines - A Practical Guide to Containment:
  8. Arthropod Containment Guidelines: documents/forms/pdf/bmbl5_appendixe.pdf
  9. Containment Guidelines for Nonindigenous Arthropod Herbivores, Parasitoids & Predators: documents/forms/pdf/arthropod_biocontrol_containment_guidelines.pdf
  10. (WAC) - plant prohibited activities in the State of Washington. WAC 16-752-505, 16-752-610, 16-752-400-415 Washington State Administrative Code
  11. WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture Plant Protection Division BrochurePlants and Seeds Whose Sales are Prohibited in Washington State
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